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Saturday 15 June 2013

Having difficulty cutting your pins the same size to turn a loop???? 

Here is my tip - use a bead of 10mm to add to your pin and then cut reserving that bead for all time for your cutting. 

You can also make samples in little plastic bags for different sized loops and they will always be the same.

Saturday 1 June 2013

June Multistrand

Four separate strands of beads kept uniform and consistent by using spacers and ending with all strands through a crimp and using a crimp cover to make everything smooth.

Friday 1 March 2013

Well another month has passed and I had fun following the tutorial and really happy with the result. Once you get into the swing you wont want to stop.

The other challenge is your favourite colour combination, I have so many to choose from and being really busy haven't had time for a new creation. I hope you will forgive me..

Happy beading everyone.  xxxx

Saturday 2 February 2013

Anything Goes

A hat pin featuring Tanzanite chips, Amethyst roundels  and seed pearls. All semi precious on wire with gizmo work

Wire wrapping is something I need to master so I might undo this and start again. It just goes to show we all make mistakes but with beading just undo and start again.



Well here is my technique example for Hearts and Kisses.
Something I had never done before so here is the link I used for the instructions  -
I visited my local bead shop to purchase the exact size beads as described.

Then I got a little adventurous and using beads in my stash improvisation is the mother of invention don't you know, and here is what I came up with.

Using just part of the pattern to create the ear rings, pendant and ring and of course everything for the bracelet. It is bigger than the one made with the proper beads but it just goes to show any thing is possible.
Just lay your main beads out for the base of the bracelet- a bead board is handy to both keep your beads in one place and measure your piece                                      (
Another tip is if using different sized beads from the pattern cut more thread too, as joining could cause a problem, and thread is cheaper than time.

Hope you will have a go.

The Big Challenge Launch

Hi everyone,

Well today is the day Beading Friends Forever launches its First Challenge, open to all new and seasoned beaders alike.

The challenge is in two parts

          1 - A set piece, so we are all on the same page (so to speak), and learn a
               new technique.
and    2 - Anything goes. just as it says on the tin.

You can opt to enter either or both parts of the challenge. Just post your pics to

Oh I forgot the best bit - or did I just leave it till last, I hope you will all have a go, or at least drop by and have a look and join in the fun. Naughty of me!!

The challenge is being sponsored by Beads Direct ( and and giving a prize of £15.00 to be spent in their on line shop. The winners will be chosen by random.

Marcea Watkins is our founder and got us all together after her first beading class in November 2012 so HIP, HIP, HURRAY for Marcea xxxx.